Why We’re Named “Sunday Morning Studios”

It all started with words written on a neon green post-it. We read each word out loud
and upon hearing Sunday and Morning together, our hearts skipped a beat. We knew that was it!

Sunday mornings remind us of simple, beautiful, carefree days.

Sunday mornings remind us of family.

Sunday mornings remind us of home – the smell of your mom’s cooking; the sound of relaxing classic songs playing on the radio.

On Sundays, we don’t rush. We take our time catching up with our family as we mindfully sip our cup of coffee.

On Sundays, we put our guards down and enjoy being our truest selves.

Our name reflects our work – honest and inspired.

Our name reflects our style – authentic, light, and happy.

Our name speaks a lot about what we value above all else – family.

Your photographs should be a constant reminder of the genuine love you have for your families
and the one you’ll be building together as husband and wife.

Your photographs should document you as your truest, most authentic selves, and the love you have for each other.

Take a while and think about what Sunday mornings remind you of. Don’t you feel a little lighter and all sorts of happy?

We’d love to hear from you! Questions, inquiries, and love letters are very much welcome on the comments section!

You may also e-mail us at or reach us via Facebook and Instagram!

Have a beautiful day! Cheers!

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