10 Engagement Shoot Tips for Couples

It’s the engagement shoot season and we figured it would be great to make a post that may help you guys out! Here are 10 engagement shoot tips for our future brides and grooms!

1.  Location – a huge part of preparing for your engagement shoot is choosing the location. One thing to consider is your personality as a couple. If you are homebodies – a nice homey and cozy setting would be lovely! An outdoor setting would be perfect for couples who love to hike or go to the beach! You may also pick a location that’s significant to you – the place where you first met,  your favorite breakfast place or maybe the place where he popped the question!

Another very important thing to consider: great lighting make for beautiful photographs! If you plan to do the shoot outdoors, make sure there are shaded areas where we can shoot while the sun is still high and harsh. If you plan to do the shoot indoor, make sure there’s ample natural lighting that goes in. If we’ve scheduled your pre-wedding shoot on a rainy month. Best to pick a location with both indoor and outdoor options.

We recommend sticking to 1 or a maximum of 2 locations that are close together so we have more time to shoot and less time spent travelling!

Oh and make sure to secure necessary permits too!
engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-1engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-4engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-78engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-86 engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-34engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-16sms25engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-602. What to wear – It’s a great idea to coordinate your clothes so they complement (not match) each other. We usually do 2 – 3 outfit changes. Anything more than that might be a little time consuming! We try to dodge away from blacks and neons and go for the neutrals, pastels or jewel tones since they make for more vibrant and timeless photographs! Patterns, layers, and textures make for more interesting shots as well! 

For the ladies, flowy dresses that show movement can make your photographs look more interesting – something that maybe hugs your waist to show off your shape. For the men, make sure your clothes fit right! Accessories are fun too – statement necklaces (not too fancy or shiny), glasses, hats, scarves, etc.

Don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear/bring back-up flats or slippers based on your chosen location. Out of the country shoots for instance require a lot of walking so it’s best to have comfortable footwear!

engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-40engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-67engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-13sms305engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-76engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-21engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-91jocarms1engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-513. Props and set-up – If you won’t be getting a professional stylist to do a set-up for you, it’s always best to keep it simple! It wouldn’t hurt though to bring a few props that would make your photographs more personalised and unique!
engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-83engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-36engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-77engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-93engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-46engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-374. Hair & Make-up – It’s a great idea to get your hair and make-up professionally done. Maybe have your nails cleaned and polished as well. Yup, the grooms too!

We always suggest a fresh and natural look for hair and make-up. For the ladies, we love it when the hair is down and not too fixed because it makes it look more raw and organic! For the men, lip balm, light powder, and facial hair grooming would do the trick! We want you guys to feel like yourselves so it’s always best to tell your trusty hair and make-up artist if you’re not comfortable with something – hair extensions, contact lenses, etc.
sunday-morning-studios-portrait-shoot-11sms444engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-5engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-95kaymark7engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-65 5. Time – The best time to shoot when outdoors is either early morning, 6:00AM – 9:00AM or late afternoon 3:00PM – 6:00PM when the sun is soft and golden! Gloomy weather make for beautiful photographs too because the light is soft and diffused. Schedules differ based on locations, weather, and overall logistics – we love collaborating with our couples to help schedule the shoot!

engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-48engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-73engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-94engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-63kaymark86. Collaborate – We love hearing your ideas or your dream shots! Maybe send us a peg or two!engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-64engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-92engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-8engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-6kaymark16engagement-shoot-philippine-wedding-photographer-42oscarcherry_prewedding3_0743

7. Rest – It wouldn’t hurt to get a good night sleep the day before your shoot!


8. Trust your photographer!


9. Bring water and snacks –  It wouldn’t hurt to stay hydrated and energized during the shoot! It would be pretty hard to smile and cuddle when you’re thirsty and hungry! :-)) kaymark16engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-70engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-28engagement-shoot-tips-for-couples-90 10. Have fun & relax!  – We know it is easier said than done because for most of you, this is probably the first time you’ll be professionally photographed. Engagement shoots are more than just getting comfortable being in front of a camera for your wedding day. It’s also about creating photographs that show your love for each other and preserve a milestone in your relationship.  So make sure you relax, be your own silly selves, and have fun! Trust the awesome photographer you painstakingly chose, and enjoy this moment with your future wife/husband and we’re sure you’ll be okay! Also, not everything might go as planned but it is always important to not sweat the small stuff!

We hope these tips help you guys plan your engagement shoot! If you have other tips, hope you don’t mind sharing them on the comments section!

It might be a bit overwhelming so to keep it simple, don’t wear or do anything that doesn’t feel genuine to you – it’s your wedding and your engagement shoot after all!

Wedding: Mark & Aurora
Wedding: J and Kaye
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