Wedding: Gab & Thea

From prom dates to husband and wife! We are so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful celebration. It did not matter that it was rainy and cold – they were surrounded by people with the warmest hearts and we can tell that they could not ask for more!

So “At last” indeed! After 14 beautiful years they now start another beautiful journey as a married couple.

Thank you so much again Gab and Thea. Sending you guys some love from the Philippines to your home in London!

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Coordinator: Make it Mine Events | Videographer: Notion in Motion | Hair & Make-up: Mayone Bakunawa | Hair & Make-up (Entourage): Maggie Deoduco | Wedding Gown: Vera Wang | Bouquets: Floral Details | Cake: Joy San Gabriel

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